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Broaden your horizons... Before you even consider other car rentals, give us a try and you will never look back!
Hippo Car Hire is driven by a dynamic team that believes in service excellence, efficiency and professionalism.

About us

Hippo Car Hire cc is a wholly Namibian-owned company focused on becoming the leading player in providing a range of car hiring services in Namibia and beyond.

Registered in 2016, Hippo Car Hire has been established by professionals from a previously disadvantaged background. The company plans to extend its arms in becoming the preferred car hiring service provider, to both local and international travelers who wish to explore using the mode of road transport. Hippo Car Hire CC strives to empower Namibian with strong enthusiasm in travel and tourism, and logistics management to acquire the necessary experience in these exciting streams through its employment programs.

Affordability, reliable and customer satisfaction top our list.

Hippo Car Hire CC comprises the following members:

  • Paul Linekela Nanyeni (Managing Director & Co-owner)
  • David Shipandeni Aiyambo (Finance Manager & Co-owner)
  • Leevi Nanyeni (General Manager & Founder)
  • Paulus Mekondjo Amaambo (Chief Finance Manager & Co-owner)
  • Paulus Ndinelago Toini (Office Manager)
  • Bartholomeus Kaluwapa (Driver)

Our team

Paul L. Nanyeni

Managing Director & Co-owner: Paul L. Nanyeni

Paul is a university graduate and for many years has been an activist for deaf people in Namibia, travelling and representing the Namibian Deaf community globally. He believes strongly in Human Rights. He brings a wealth of knowledge to Hippo Car Hire as a seasoned director with several years in leadership positions. He is a computer guru with a soft touch for anything to do with computers, has a taste for fast cars, old cars and is a night-owl, often working late into the night. He has always been interested in finding new hobbies.

Finance Manager & Co-owner: David S. Aiyambo

David is our Finance Manager & Co-owner.

Leevi Nanyeni

General Manager & Founder: Leevi Nanyeni

Leevi, the founder of Hippo Car Hire, has 18 years experience as a tour guide in Namibia. His enthusiasm for nature and outdoor activities make him the perfect  choice of tour guide especially if you are looking for a specialist botanical or natural history tour. He has 8 years of experience working with Namibia's indigenous plants, is an experienced snake catcher and can give you fascinating insights into Namibia's fauna and flora. Apart from nature, Leevi enjoys classic cars and is a fan of the Old Wheeler Club in Namibia.

Paulus Amaambo

Chief Finance Manager & Co-owner: Paulus M. Amaambo

Paulus holds a Master of Agribusiness Management, Bachelor Honours, Bachelor of Technology and National Diploma in Natural Resources Management from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. Most of his career has been spent working in conservation, research, education, eco tourism, customs, agribusiness, land administration and management and he has authored several articles on these topics. He has experience in financial and project management, Geographical Information System, indigenous knowledge, marketing and supply chain management as well as experience of leading and supervision of staff. He is well acquainted with the Namibian labour law and legislation on natural resources. He believes in efficient and effective service delivery. His experience and academic accolades are valuable assets to the growth of Hippo Car Hire.

Toini Ndinelago Paulus

Office Manager: Toini Ndinelago Paulus

Toini is our Office Manager who manages our day-to-day office work. She was born in 1990 in Ondudu Okalongo at Omusati region and moved to Oshikoto region in 2004 to live with her brother after the death of their mother. After completing her grade 12 she moved to Windhoek to further her studies and she received her honours degree in Human Resources Development and Management from the International University of Management in 2017. She is motivated by learning and strives to become an outstanding and successful woman in today's society.

Driver: Bartholomeus Kaluwapa

Bartholomeus does an excellent job as our driver.